Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, computers play an essential part in all our lives. Whether it’s a complex IT system within a large company, a laptop in the kitchen used for emailing and internet shopping, or a modest PC keeping you in constant touch with loved ones abroad, we’ve come to rely on them for so many daily tasks at home and in the office. Or maybe it’s both in your case.

Let’s be honest, most computer users don’t know how they work – and not surprisingly struggle when they go wrong! And that’s where Southern Technology comes in. We do know how they work – and how to mend them when they go wrong.

We are a Hove-based computer repair and support company which has set up, repaired, serviced, upgraded, replaced, adapted, tuned up, protected and frowned at thousands of Sussex home and business computers since our foundation, 2007, with more than 17 years experience.

Our customers include home-users who rely on their computers for occasional emailing, letter writing, paying bills and ordering the weekly shop, as well as large organisations such as BT, Dell, the NHS, Marks & Spencer, Sussex Police, American Express and West Sussex County Council.

We don’t live in a techno-geek’s ivory tower! Indeed, we’re just as happy fixing a student’s laptop that’s frozen in the middle of an essay due in tomorrow as we are sorting out the IT problems of a small business where profits and efficiency are affected by computer downtime.

While computers may seem complicated, our service isn’t. It’s this simple –

• We offer quality and reliable support, advice and solutions you can count on
• We’re professional, technical specialists – but friendly (and patient)!
• You’ll discover our services are very affordable (no surprise extras)
• We keep jargon to the very minimum
• We don’t aim to conquer the world. We’ll settle for getting your work the second time

And you don’t have to worry about calling us out or ringing for advice when things go wrong because we really do understand how much you rely on your computer and how infuriating it can be when it starts to play up. After all, we’ve all been there!